Mecklenburgstraße 64, 19053 Schwerin, Germany
Phone:+49 385 / 5 92 37 88
Fax:+49 385 / 5 92 37 89
Mobil:+49 (0) 172 / 9 38 23 20

Dr. phil. Meinhard Sturm holds shares and heads
the board of different investment companies.

Above all he deals in real estate developments.

Withal Dr. Sturm works together with the House and Land
Society Schwerin (Haus und Grund Schwerin e.V.) and the
House and Land Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania State Association for house-, home- and landowners (Haus und
Grund Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Landesverband des Haus-, Wohnungs- und Grundeigentümer e.V.).

Dr. Sturm has specific experience in developing large con-
version areas as well as in the preparation of legally binding
land-use plans and as a land developer.

Dr. Sturm also has profound knowledge in the field of
redevelopment and refurbishment of pre-fabricated apart-
ment buildings
and historical listed buildings which are his
own assets.

The main economic focus of the Dr. Sturm-Group includes primarily the healthcare- and energy sector as well as the development of infrastructure.

The project developments initiated by him have facilitated
follow-up investments of more than € 200 million.

In dealing with the challenging tasks of the whole range of complex conditions surrounding real estate, Dr. Sturm
makes used of the competence of qualified experts in the
field of building and construction industry, financial and
insurance business an other branches.

As an experienced entrepreneur he advises several
companies in different areas of business on investments,
as well as on establishing and the consolidation of enter-

Dr. Sturm maintains varied international contacts and
partnerships especially in China and Israel.

As the long-serving president of the Deutsch-Chinesischer
Kultur- und Wirtschaftsförderverband (German-Chinese
Cultural and Business Association), Dr. Sturm was nominated
as visiting professor at the Huang shan University in the People's Republic of China in November 2005 and has super-
vised Chinese Students in Germany since then.

Second office:
Leipziger Straße 57, 10117 Berlin, Germany
Mobil:+49 (0) 172 / 9 38 23 20